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Steve Hefty
Advertising Account Executive
702 S. High Point Rd.
Madison, WI 53719
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More information:

Media Kit (PDF)

Ad Specifications

  • Material requirements
  • Photo requirements
  • Programs & Liability



Web Advertising

  • Information available upon request.

Pre-printed Inserts

  • Information available upon request. Zoned inserts by ZIP codes available.

Reach a greater audience

The Catholic Herald of the Diocese of Madison is associated with the Catholic Herald in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and the Catholic Herald in the Diocese of Superior. Learn more about how you can reach readers in these three dioceses for a significant discount. Contact Steve Hefty (608-821-3074) for more information.

Important Information for Placing a Classified Ad
Classified Ads for Businesses
  • 1 Inch $10.40/wk
Classified Ads for Private Individuals
  • 20 WORD AD $8.00
    (40¢ per word with minimum of $4.00)

Most recent Catholic Herald Classifieds (PDF file)

The above link is to the Catholic Herald Classifieds in a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. The file is updated on this Web site by Thursday morning each week a print edition is published. Past classifieds are not archived online.

The Catholic Herald Classifieds may contain help wanted and employment ads, job wanted listings, items for sale, services being offered or sought, real estate listings, apartments for rent, rummage sales, collectibles for sale or being sought for purchase, birthday greetings and other messages, events, and other listings.

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