St. Patrick’s Catholic School in Janesville introduces variety of educational options Print
Thursday, Aug. 03, 2017 -- 12:00 AM

JANESVILLE -- St. Patrick Parish, Janesville's oldest Catholic parish, is hosting open houses in August to introduce the wide variety of educational options open to area parents, including a new homeschool ministry.

Located at 305 Lincoln St. in Janesville, the parish school will offer tours and information about available programs to area families after all weekend Masses the weekend of August 5 to 6.

In addition to the weekend tours, there will be two weekday tours: an early morning tour on Friday, Aug. 8, from 7 to 9 a.m., and an evening tour from 6 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 15.

Information about the school as well as religious education and homeschool programs will be available at all of the open houses. Parents can register children and teens onsite as well.

Curricular changes

At the tour, St. Patrick's Catholic School will be unveiling its curricular changes as part of its reinvention over the summer.

Some of the things that make St. Patrick's Catholic School different include its multi-age, family-style classrooms where students of varying ages and abilities can learn together. In addition, students attend Mass at least three days per week and attend weekly Adoration.

"We've been offering multi-aged classes for a while, but now we're focusing on Catholic identity and individualization with a combination of online and offline resources," said Fr. Tim Renz, pastor of St. Patrick Parish.

Nicole Jenks May, school principal, also stresses the school's inclusive nature.

"We provide a rigorous academic approach, but do so gently, so students of all abilities have access to a college prep education without stressing out or getting left behind," May said.

"Our goal is to make happy scholars who use their unique gifts to serve God."

Homeschool initiative

In addition to sharpening the school's focus on Catholicism and individualized education, St. Patrick Parish is offering a new homeschool ministry initiative. As part of the initiative, area Catholic families can get guidance and support via the parish school.

One of the new programs being offered is Catholic Schoolhouse, a classical-style memory work program that focuses on infusing Catholic culture into joyful learning activities.

In addition, St. Patrick's Catholic School will offer part-time enrollment options, including tutoring and after-school programming that welcomes area Catholic children, tweens, and teens.

"We want to reach out to area Catholic homeschoolers in particular since sometimes they feel left out, and find refuge in other denominations," May said. "In addition, it's important to us that area Catholics who attend public schools feel welcomed at our parish school, too."

Father Renz noted that the Vatican II document, Declaration on Christian Education, emphasizes the role of parents as "primary and principal educators."

"As a Catholic parish school, we want to provide every help to aid parents in this most serious obligation in any way we can," Father Renz said.

To get a preview of the new programs being offered, stop by the new website at


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