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Written by Heather Schneider, For the Catholic Herald   
Thursday, Nov. 27, 2014 -- 12:00 AM
Jefferson Fourth Grade Goes Green
Fourth grade students Ryan Haffelder and Austin Grotto test the eighth graders at St. John the Baptist School in Jefferson on their ability to accurately sort trash. (Contributed photo)

JEFFERSON -- The fourth grade class at St. John the Baptist School (SJB) in Jefferson has spearheaded a campaign to promote environmental awareness.

The fourth graders, who have been collecting classroom trash each day for the last few years, were upset by the amount of garbage in classroom trash cans each day. They also observed the large number of items that should have been recycled instead of tossed into the trash.

The students decided to take action.

Begins with field trip

Their "stewardship journey" began as a field trip organized by teacher, Heather Schneider, to Deer Track Landfill in Johnson Creek, where students learned just how quickly trash piles up and the enormous expense involved in managing all the garbage.

Then with guidance from John's Disposal in Whitewater, students teamed up to create presentations and headed to each classroom with trash for students to sort.

The fourth graders coached students through sorting recyclables from “true trash” and provided instruction on ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Prior to their classroom presentations, an all-school assembly was held to make students and staff aware of the extent of how many resources are wasted and how much trash everyone generates. The fourth graders and Ms. Schneider provided a thought-provoking lesson on the need to "go green."

Monitoring class efforts

Each ay as the fourth grade trash crew collects trash and recyclables, they note classes that need "re-teaching" and those that are sorting correctly.

Later this year, the fourth graders will award those classes making exceptional efforts with the "Going Green Class Award."

The students' efforts have been well received by the entire SJB community. Staff and students alike have admitted to increased awareness of recycling and waste reduction.

We are better stewards of God's earth because of the dedication and motivation of this special group of fourth grade students.

Heather Schneider is a fourth grade teacher at St. John the Baptist School in Jefferson.


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