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Year of Faith
Written by Lindsay Becher, For the Catholic Herald   
Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012 -- 12:00 AM

“Families only had one car in those days. . .” Tom Delaney smiles as he recounts the details of proposing to his bride Nan over 50 years ago. Around Christmas of 1961, he asked her dad for permission to borrow her family’s car to take her to midnight Mass at Holy Hill. A bit flustered, he forgot to ask her dad for permission to marry her.

Despite the small blunder, on that Christmas Eve he offered her a diamond, and she accepted.

Tom and Nan were married in September of 1962. The next month, the Second Vatican Council began. Raised as faithful Catholics from their younger years, they began to experience changes within the Church.

The most recent Year of Faith film produced by the Diocese of Madison and Backflip Films tells their story. To view it, visit or the Diocese of Madison YouTube channel.

Wisdom from experience

Having witnessed and experienced the past 50 years together, Tom and Nan had a great amount of wisdom to offer. In the film, Tom asks the question, “Has the faith changed?” His answer is very true, as he answered, “Not really.” At the Second Vatican Council, the Holy Spirit led the Church into a deepening awareness of her own mystery.

As you watch the film, you will also see historical pieces from the Second Vatican Council. These photographs and artifacts were brought out of the archives from our own diocese. The large photograph of St. Peter’s Basilica where the bishops met during the council was brought back by Fr. George O. Wirz, who later became auxiliary bishop of the diocese. The gold ring was the one that Bishop William P. O’Connor received as a Council Father.

From the deepened awareness the Church gained at the Council, she was able to draw on her own supernatural resources in order to revitalize its mission in the context of the time and our modern world. Tom and Nan agreed, rightly so, that it is the people who have changed in the past 50 years. The council’s documents continue to bear deep importance to the Church today, which is why our Holy Father has encouragd us to read them during this year.

Finding the Truth

During this Year of Faith, Pope Benedict XVI also asked the faithful to rediscover the truths of the faith written in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. As Tom pointed out, this new catechism came out of a desire to fight back against the misunderstandings of the faith the modern world is experiencing. Catholics today have access to this incredible resource, which explains not only what they believe but also why.

As Fr. Chad Droessler -- the film series’ host -- admonishes at the end of this film, do not hesitate to discover the beauty of the Church’s teaching in these documents during this Year of Faith.

The next Year of Faith film will premiere the week before Christmas and feature a joyful and faithful Camp Gray family. Stay tuned!

Lindsay Becher is the coordinator of youth and young adult ministry for the Diocese of Madison.