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Scrap current health care reform, do something else Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Sep. 17, 2009 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

The “health care reform” bill targets the unborn, very sick, and senior citizens.

Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life called it FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) in disguise. He also said: “The ‘health care reform’ bills being finalized in Congress will set off a chain reaction that will result in a massive expansion of abortion! That’s because, unless Congress explicitly states that abortion is excluded, it will be regarded as ‘an essential benefit’ for Americans.”

Senior citizens and the very sick of all ages will be harmed, or die, because of rationing. That’s how they intend to save money.

We need to scrap the current “health care reform” bill and do something else, such as allowing Medicaid as a temporary measure for folks who have lost their jobs, and giving Americans the right to purchase health insurance from any state in the union which would make insurance companies more competitive, thereby reducing costs. We really can’t trust the government to control our healthcare.

Let’s keep calling, writing, and/or visiting our representatives to tell them we don’t want this “health care reform” bill, and more importantly, we should pray every day for an end to abortion, euthanasia, and neglect (through rationing).

Beverly Moran, Corinth, N.Y.