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Letters to the editor
Thursday, Jun. 11, 2020 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

As the state opens up, and I look around seeing bigger gatherings, I am tempted to join in. Staying physically apart is difficult even when the science is there to tell me it is important. It’s human nature that I don’t like someone telling me what to do, especially if it’s extra work in a difficult situation.

The science of COVID-19, however, tells me that no matter what a court says, staying apart and continuing safe practices may “curtail my rights,” but it will keep my family healthier.

This is a lot like Church teachings. The difficult ones are developed through both reason and faith. Things like contraception seem to make life a lot easier, but the teachings by the Church are so beautiful and the benefits so many if you practice it. If you get to know and follow them, you see their beauty.

Natural Family Planning (NFP), being open to life, is hard. But it has provided many blessings to my marriage: better communication, children, a special way of honoring my spouse, and a better understanding of my body. Not to mention the many statistics that show the practice of NFP does correlate to a strong marriage — the divorce rate itself is much lower!

Secular friends say that the Church wants to control women’s bodies by forbidding contraception, but if you look at the facts, that could not be further from the truth.

Social distancing is not Church teaching, but it's based on the science of a disease that is dangerous and new. While it is hard to practice, it provides the greatest health benefits and overall happiness to myself and my family.

Nobody is controlling you by telling you to wear a seatbelt, not smoke, not use contraception, or stay six feet apart from others. It’s still the healthy choice.

Monica Simpson, Madison