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Praying the 'Divine Mercy Chaplet' in the presence of the dying Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Mar. 14, 2019 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

Christ ordered St. Faustina to write about praying the “Divine Mercy Chaplet” in the presence of the dying. She wrote about this at least three times as she reports in her diary (St. Faustina Kowalska Diary — Divine Mercy in My Soul).

Following are three quotes from Christ to St. Faustina:

• “When they say this chaplet in the presence of the dying, I will stand between my Father and the dying person, not as the just judge but as a merciful savior” (Diary, 541).

• “At the hour of their death, I defend as my own glory every soul that will say this chaplet or when others say it for a dying person” (Diary, 811).

• “When this chaplet is said by the bedside of a dying person, divine wrath is placated, unfathomable mercy envelopes the soul, and the very depths of my tender mercy are moved to the sake of the sorrowful passion of my Son” (Diary, 811).

The amazing graces being given by the Lord are so consoling to the dying, and the greatest gifts at that time that the Lord has made known.

Kenneth R. Studinski, Janesville