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What makes Catholic education such a ‘gift’ Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Feb. 14, 2019 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

Before Catholic Schools Week, we, the eighth graders, and the seventh graders were asked to reflect on what makes Catholic education such a “gift”.  We at St. John the Baptist Catholic School believe:

• Our school is like a family where everyone cares about each other.

• I value the teachings of our faith.

• I love our school because it taught me about love, compassion, and friendship.  It teaches me to follow the Cross.

• I love the staff here because they are the most amazing role models and love each and every one of us!

• All of our supportive teachers guide us through the school year with faith.

• I love knowing everyone here and how the teachers care so much about us, and if something’s wrong, they’re always there to talk to.

• I’ve been here since kindergarten, and all through my years here, I have really grown a bond with all my teachers — they are like my second family.

• I love that we can learn about Jesus and go to church!

• I love the caring teachers, our community, how we help our community, and how we go t0 Mass together as a school.

• We get to talk about God and our faith without getting disrespected for it.

• My favorite thing is the small classes and being able to talk to the teachers one-on-one.

• I feel so lucky to be here at this school.  The teachers teach us so well!

We thank our parents for having chosen to send us to a Catholic school.  It is a gift we really appreciate!


St. John the Baptist Catholic School, Jefferson, Class of 2019