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Likes Fr. Dietzen’s article about ‘authentic’ Catholics Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Jul. 16, 2009 -- 12:00 AM
To the editor:
Thanks much for including the excellent article by Fr. John Dietzen titled “Being an ‘authentic’ Catholic” (July 2 edition). In very few words, he expressed well that we have a large Church that is “at its best and most alive when there has been a whole rainbow of ways for people to pray, to think, to live out their faith, and grow in holiness.”
On the flip side, he stated well the dangers of groups (what he termed “cults”) within our Church that claim to be elite and claim that they are the genuine orthodox Catholics. My experience of being a life-long Catholic echoes his words: I have witnessed the destruction that comes from “elitist” Catholic groups that have well-intentioned roots, but turn inward and become self-serving.
Fortunately, I have also seen the fruits of the richness and greatness of a diverse, worldwide Church that turns outward and expresses love to all of God’s creation.
Ben Weisse, Madison