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Killings grow out of a society which turns its back on God Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Mar. 08, 2018 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

In regard to school shootings, the use of the nouns “gunman” and “shooter” give too much dignity to killers and may encourage the next killings. Strong taboos against the mention of “values” and mention of killers’ drug abuse have prevented discussion of easy and effective solutions.

Most such killings grow out of drug abuse and a culture of death which is openly hostile to God. How will God judge a society which turns its back on Him and relies on more laws and bigger prisons?

There are historical precedents. Hitler and Stalin both knew God was real, yet they enforced atheistic morality on their subjects with the help of many willing collaborators. The Chinese Communist Party certainly knows God is real due to many incontrovertible proofs. Yet, it is moving to impose atheism on the church in its aegis/jurisdiction.

Thankfully, many people here still care about the safety of school children, although there’s indifference about babies being carved up in abortions.

A hard turn from God is done for a reason. Killers want sanction to kill for personal convenience. The few (as in the Florida killings) justify their own murders. But the many seek government sanction for theirs and for suppression of contrary moral views.

The voices of the culture of death are so insidious and strident that mention of the reality of God and His command that thou shall not kill have been driven out of the media and from many schools.

Thou shall not kill is a command given to mankind by God. If a society rejects it for the health of the mother or for self-defense or any expedient purpose, it demonstrates that it doesn’t take God seriously. Although God holds it in existence and will judge it justly.

Name withheld upon request