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Read the Bible for signs of the end of our age Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

Regarding the article by Tony Magliano, “A world awash with weapons,” October 12 issue.

Very nice thought that we could stop manufacturing weapons and turn that production processing into producing humane products. Unfortunately, according to the Scriptures, that is not the age we live in. That age will come with the Messianic Kingdom when Christ rules (Isaiah 2:1-5, Micah 4:1-5).

The age we are in is the age of grace. God has graciously given His son, Jesus, as a sacrifice for our sins so that we can avoid condemnation through belief in Christ (John 3:14-21). Our calling is to get that message out to the world before this age ends (Mark 16:15). Our call is not to attempt to usher in the Messianic Kingdom. Christ will do that when he comes.

The age which we are in is going to end very brutally (Mathew 24) (Mark 13). What Tony is seeing as a problem in our current world is what Christ termed as the onset of the pains of labor (Matthew 24:8) (Mark 13:8).

The Bible tells us it is going to get much worse. That time is known as the Great Tribulation (Daniel 11:36-45) (Revelation 13: 11-18) (Zephaniah 1) (Jeremiah 30). In both Matthew 24 and Mark 13, Christ tells us to be watching. Watching for what? We are to be watching for the signs which have been given to us in the Bible as to what indicates the end of our age. We need to read the Bible and find out what those signs are before it sneaks up on us (Matthew 24:38).

Paul Richgels, DeForest