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Hopes Church will continue to offer Mass in both rites Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Aug. 17, 2017 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

R. Jared Staudt’s article (July 27 issue of Catholic Herald) suggesting the Church use both the Extraordinary Form (with priest facing ad orientem) and Novus Ordo rites was interesting.

The Extraordinary Form offers much rich music, protocol, vestments, rubrical gestures, and the ranking and roles of the celebrants. God is adored and worshiped, and this worship is strictly conducted. Much attention is given to well-defined ritualistic human behaviors and postures which are meant to indicate the pious devotion of each worshiper.

The Novus Ordo offers a simpler worship . . . a community called by Christ nourished and fed in Word and sacred sacrament, and gathered around the living and active Christ who is present in the celebrant, the Word, His holy body and blood . . . and His people.

Mr. Staudt feels this Norvus Ordo approach is an “individualist and narcissistic culture.” It is not, but that remark does make clear Mr Staudt’s bias. Nothing is wrong with a bias, but one needs to respect others, and that respect I do not see in his writing.

I recall the Mass in the Extraordinary Form before Vatican II. People praying their Rosary during Mass. Reading spiritual books and pamphlets. Praying from memorial cards. Reading inspirational stories in their missals, etc.
The bells had to be rung to recall the people’s attention to the altar!

It is my profound hope that the Church will continue to offer Mass in both rites.

Peggy Rakow, Madison