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Our Lady has shown us what to do to save ourselves Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Jun. 29, 2017 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

Thank you for your pictorial report on the Fatima rallies attended on Saturday, May 13, in some diocesan parishes. Thank you to all the parishioners who attended these rallies.

How is it that we can spend money, large parts of our days on sports events, TV, and electronic devices, but only 50 or fewer individuals could find an hour or less to honor Our Lady on the 100th anniversary of her first apparition at Fatima?

Our Blessed Mother cares about us and like any good mother, wants only the best for us, her children, and will do all in her power to keep us from destroying ourselves. She made several trips to our planet in 1917, not because she had nothing else to do, but to show us what we must do to save ourselves from spiritual and material destruction. She came to warn us about the dangers to our environment — not global warming, but our spiritual and moral environment.

Her motherly remedy for the disaster we are inflicting upon ourselves is to stop offending her Son, and to pray the Rosary daily — to make sacrifices in reparation for sins committed against the Sacred Heart of Jesus and her Immaculate Heart.

Another idea for us to ponder. Many parishes in the diocese have scheduled hours of Eucharistic Adoration. What an abundance of graces and blessings are granted to those parishes and to those who avail themselves of this very personal encounter with Jesus, our God.

During these hours our churches should be filled with worshipping adorers. But are they? Where are all the retired people? Working people before and after hours? The children? Jesus is yearning for our love and friendship.

When He says, “Let the children come to Me,” He means each one of us. Want a solution for a better world? I just mentioned two.

Virginia Schmitt, Fitchburg