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Thanks for coverage of Holy Name Heights and seminary Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Sep. 01, 2016 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

Just finished reading the August 25 copy of the Catholic Herald. Nice job! Super coverage of timely issues: back to school info/choices, refugee insights, lots of outreach info.

Most of all, thank you for Holy Name Heights coverage. Our son was a freshman at Holy Name Seminary High School during its last year open. Memories of the turmoil and sadness of that year still linger in the hearts of many.

Somehow, seeing the words HOLY NAME SEMINARY restored to the front entrance of this grand old building makes it feel we have come “full circle.” Just seeing those words somehow has lifted any lingering sadness.

Words really can heal, so thank you to those who understood. How refreshing to know that the 30-year history of the seminary is being honored permanently also.

And how good to see Father Burke and Father Flanagan back “home” as part of the opening celebration. Again, thank you and the staff.

Ross and Lucy Parisi, Black Earth