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Gun proponents offer similar arguments as abortion lobby Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Aug. 04, 2016 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

I was proud of Mary Uhler’s stance that we should work for stronger gun control.

Last week’s Mailbag had two letters refuting gun control positions. I would guess that both men are strong in their faith and I would guess that neither supports abortion. But both letters troubled me in that they reminded me of the abortion lobby’s arguments.

The first letter posited that gun control laws would do nothing to control crime and would in fact erode rights of gun owners. We should not touch them.

The abortion lobby argues that any restrictions on abortion (up to nine months, terminating the disabled, selective sex abortion) would erode women’s rights. They argue that any restrictions will send women to their deaths in the back alley.

The solution of the letter writer was to do things to improve society without touching guns. But are there really no improvements to be made in current gun laws? Really?

The abortion lobby does not want abortion touched and does the same thing with its advocacy of contraception. If they cared more about women’s lives, would they not cry out more over the forced abortions in China?

The second letter claims that this is an issue with society, a.k.a people kill people/not guns. It claims that if God were more a part of our lives this would not be happening (well, I do agree with this).

This is not reality and it is not reality any time soon, though we can all do our part. But the first claim reminded me of the abortion lobby. They say, “if you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one,” dismissing the struggles of post abortive women and men. That is a reality they mock and prefer to sweep under the carpet.

Gun violence is more prevalent in this country than in those with stricter gun laws. That is just a fact. We cannot dismiss facts in the face of our party loyalties.

These arguments should give us pause. Lives are at stake in abortion and lives are at stake in gun control.

Monica Simpson, Madison