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Taking away guns not way to solve problems Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Jul. 28, 2016 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

In the June 30 issue of the Herald, you argue that we should “Work for sensible gun control.” Ninety-three percent of guns used in crimes are obtained illegally, whereas less than one percent are from gun shows.

It is true that most U.S. suicides use guns, but America’s suicide rate is not unusually high — in other countries, they find a way. Our gun homicide rate is unusually high, but 63 percent of victims have a criminal history — most gun violence happens between criminals.

North Korea has the tightest gun control laws of any country in the world. Why? Because they understand the same thing that America’s Founders understood: guns in the hands of citizens make tyranny a dangerous occupation. The British also understood this in 1775, hence the ill-fated march to Concord to seize colonial weapons stores.

I mistrust every government, but especially one that tries to take my guns. Let’s solve our gun-related problems in other ways: end the war on drugs to reduce gun violence, teach our kids how to use guns safely to reduce accidental deaths, and improve family and community life so people around us are less likely to feel isolated and commit suicide.

Colin O’Keefe, Arena