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More people should sign petition to abolish mandate Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

Thank you God that we still have people here on earth who have a conscience and won’t sign this form (reference to Little Sisters of the Poor article on their refusal to sign the Health and Human Services’ Contraception Mandate, February 4 Catholic Herald).

Why have Catholics not signed a petition to abolish this mandate? Why is this the first I have heard of this? Why is it kept from us to see?

Why indeed, because they know we would hound them with our signatures to stop killing the fetus. Abortion is one control that Satan seems to have on women and he is not eager to release his hold on women.

I just want to shake women up and tell them that they are in control of their bodies, before they have sex. After sex, they have made the choice to conceive a child and there is no going back. You can not fully consider the choice both ways. Either you say yes to sex and getting pregnant or no and you have no pregnancy.

Women are not stupid but Satan has given us a choice to use our free will and now he wants to use this free will to make us killers as well. Oh how God is crying for sure.

We women need to stand together and protest more not to have sex before marriage. Use our free will at this point to make a good decision. Men too can make this decision of free will to not have sex before marriage.

Open our eyes, oh Lord, and make us more like you.

A devout Catholic with a conscience,

Elaine H. Shaw, Stoughton