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Why play on Sundays? Because we have to Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Dec. 31, 2015 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

Why does the Madison Area Independent Sports League (MAISL) play on Sundays? First and foremost it is due to Diocese of Madison Policy: DBA 6420 (the A in DBA stands for “All” so it governs school and religious education programs): Section I. Travel to games must be kept to a reasonable distance especially on days preceding a school day. Therefore, games after supper are discouraged prior to school days. The player’s education and health must be safeguarded by the coach.

This means we can’t play on weeknights after approximately 5:30 p.m. unless it is a reschedule, and most of our coaches can’t make games prior to that time due to work schedules.

Since our league encompasses not only Madison proper but Waunakee, Sun Prairie, Monona Grove, and Cross Plains, there could be “unreasonable” travel times. Our participating school principals have determined no evening games will be played unless due to extreme circumstances.

Second, as our league has grown to 13 schools and during girls volleyball we have 50+ teams and for boys/girls basketball 80+ teams, we must utilize Sunday play. Keep in mind no games or matches start prior to noon on Sunday so no conflict with most church services (club sports can’t say the same).

There is insufficient calendar time or individual gym time provided by participating schools to get in the games/matches if played only on Saturday. We have been told by many parents NOT to schedule so many Friday nights due to high school athletics/activities and families wanting to attend these as a family unit.

All of our schools are asked to submit Principal Approved No Play Requests (like ALCS Sunday play — but ALCS will play Sunday for reschedule and tournament games). Any school can make that request but there are consequences. We may need to minimize the number of competitive contests per team at a time when diocesan policy states a maximum of 16 league games and we are competing against club programs that play 40+.

As for the public schools not playing on Sunday, that is not our concern. MAISL is to work with the 13 Catholic and Christian schools in our program to provide schedules, officials, and tournament opportunities based upon information provided by each school.

Michael Schultz, Madison Area Independent Sports League chairperson