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Preaching about sin can be loving and kind Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Dec. 24, 2015 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

Every so often the Catholic Herald has a letter to the editor which suggests priests preach on sin and what sin is. In my parish I can recall MANY such homilies!

The beautiful sermon on how loving God fills one with love and joy. I am sure there were people listening who wondered “how do I get that?”  An invitation to a deeper study of one’s faith.

Another homily included a story about a dying person experiencing a priest’s sacramental visit . . . who hasn’t given thought to dying and the reception of the last rites? Or felt comforted by the knowledge that our priests will be there?

A third that comes to mind was Father urging those confronted with difficulties and suggesting they “come and talk.”

Or another that shared comments made by parish children, including a wee boy who confronted the celebrant before Mass and asked him, “Are you God?” Where do we find God but in the heart of the Church? Where do we hear the words, “I absolve you”?

Preaching about sin is so beautiful and not limited to horrific “fire and brimstone” rants. Preaching about sin can be very loving and kind.

Like the old story about the wind and the sun gambling on which could more quickly make a man remove his coat. The warmth of the sun was the winner, of course.

Peggy Rakow, Madison