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Posture for Communion Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Jun. 18, 2015 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

The article “Reception of Holy Communion in the U.S.” (Catholic Herald, May 28) quotes “the danger of a loss of reverence for the august sacrament of the altar” with the reception of Communion while standing.

Historically, kneeling has been a gesture of submission to emperors and civil authorities. The Communion postures being advocated are the very ones Diocletian, the great Roman persecutor of Christians, decreed to increase the authority of the imperial office.

In the Gospels, Jesus was highly approachable and showed admiration especially for the least of people, for example, the poor widow.

If there is a sign of reverence Americans understand, it is rising and standing. It is important also for clergy to remember that at the very time Jesus shed his blood for our sins, the founders of our Church fled. Only a few of the faithful remained.

Tom Roberts, Madison