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Thanks for work of volunteers who erected Nativity display at State Capitol Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Jan. 08, 2015 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

Thanks to Sr. Therese Wolf, FSPA, who receives the Catholic Herald and shares it with me, I keep abreast of the Madison area events.

I was delighted to read that the Nativity scene is now displayed at our State Capitol! Thank you, Geralyn Ketterman, a staunch pro-lifer with whom I’ve many memories of praying/witnesssing at the “former” Rockford Abortion Mill, distributing literature and many other human life promoting activities.

What tenacity Geralyn and all who worked together showed to make this a reality in Wisconsin. I say, “Thank you!”

Indeed this, Nativity display, actually begun by St. Francis of Assisi, depicts the “reason for this Christmas Season.” Christians of many beliefs celebrate on December 25 and beyond the birth of a baby boy, named, “Jesus.”

I rejoice with all persons who believe that Jesus, son of Mary and foster-father Joseph, became a human being to teach us how to live and how to die.

Thank you, Geralyn and team, for having Wisconsin become the ninth state Capitol to have a Nativity display.

And thank you, Mary Uhler, for the excellent article.

Sr. Rosalia Bauer, FSPA,
La Crosse