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Document on Religious is ‘sugar-coated’ Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Dec. 25, 2014 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

I praise the document of the Congregation for Religious in Rome, released as a final report of the visitation of women’s religious congregations in the U.S.

I am not known for sugarcoating grave problems within Religious life — but kindness is the only way to go for the Church’s pastors. Some Religious congregations aren’t only on a demographic cliff, but teetering on the edge in terms of ecclesial communion, as the document alludes.

This report isn’t simply sugarcoated, it’s lovingly sugar-encased, smooth and pastel like Jordan almonds. The good almonds in the middle are positive encouragements to respect the difference between vowed members and associated laity (not blur the lines), have a prayer life in common with Mass at the center and practice of the sacraments, foster a Catholic understanding of Christ and creation (not the “Universe Story”), and so forth.

The document guides women Religious to form their conscience according to the mind of the Church, becoming wise experts in communion.

Let’s remember others also have a role: Sisters need relationships for their mission in Christ that are based on Catholic ties in the communion of the Church and Catholic truth that comes from Jesus, in whom is ultimate wholesome sweetness.

Elizabeth Durack, Madison