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Help sponsor Nativity scene at State Capitol Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Nov. 27, 2014 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

A couple of families from the Diocese of Madison will be sponsoring a life-size Nativity scene at our State Capitol, and we would like to invite others to help us make this display truly inspiring.

For the thousands of folks that will visit the Capitol with their children and grandchildren, the Nativity will remind everyone that Jesus is the reason for this special season.

Individuals, families, parishes, or church groups could help sponsor the display with donations for fresh poinsettias, pro-life materials (feet pins, brochures, etc.), and baskets of candy canes with the story of the candy cane attached.

To sponsor a poinsettia, please make checks payable to: K&W Greenery.

For the purchase of pro-life supplies, please make checks payable to: Heritage House.

To sponsor candy canes for kids, please send Menards gift cards.

Donations for the Capitol Nativity may be sent to me at P.O. Box 652, Madison, WI 53701.

Geralyn Kettermann, St. Joseph Parish, Edgerton