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Pro-lifers fight for unborn and all human life Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

For all you pro-lifers out there, I have to empathize with your plight in the struggle for respect and gratitude for the time and energy you have devoted to the fight for the unborn AND anyone at any other stage of human life.

We’ve been ignored by churches and ministers who refused to acknowledge our efforts for 40+ years. Tony Magliano has spelled it out for us. We’re war mongers!

The only context in which I have heard “war” and  “abortion” used in the same sentence in 40 years was in relation to his quote. Blessed Mother Teresa called abortion a “war against the child.”

Did you know that we pro-lifers “don’t think twice about bombing” our “enemies”?

I have been ignored, ridiculed, stared at, insulted, called an extremist, a conservative, a religious fanatic, out-of touch, biased, unwilling to compromise; all to be hailed now as an advocate for war.

Pro-choicers get a free pass because they are advocates for peace! One thing is certain, the U.S. military is responsible for all of us having the ability to be free-thinkers: to write, to engage, to protest, and to demonstrate according to our conscience.

I am going to continue to pray and to educate at every opportunity. Hopefully abortionists and leaders of the world alike may one day get on the right side of this issue and stop making excuses for those who are not.

Jane Tarrell, Highland