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Send postcards to president to protect conscience rights Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Mar. 19, 2009 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

It is time again for another avalanche of postcards to Washington, D.C. — this time directed to President Obama.

He is contemplating reversing the conscience clause for health care providers which will force doctors and nurses to assist at abortions. It will also force pharmacists to sell contraceptives. If health care personnel do not follow rules, they can be imprisoned, fired, or lose licenses.

In his campaign before election, President Obama promised to be a pro-choice candidate. He is surely fulfilling his promise in this area.

But also in his campaign, he promised to ban earmarks from congressional bills and also to have no former lobbyists in his administration. On these promises, he has acted in opposition to his campaign promises.

How can we trust him?

Mary M. Hefferan, Janesville