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Consider offering support and prayer for retired priests Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, May. 15, 2014 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

In his inspiring Holy Thursday homily, Pope Francis declared, “I ask the Lord Jesus to confirm the priestly joy of those who have already ministered for some years.” He prayed that God gives them a “second wind” to help them faithfully serve.

Our 77-year-young pope continued, “I ask the Lord Jesus to make better known the joy of elderly priests, whether healthy or infirm. It is the joy of the cross, which springs from knowledge that we possess an imperishable treasure in perishable earthen vessels. May these priests find happiness wherever they are.”

Our diocese has unprecedented numbers of older retired priests. Msgr. Ray Klaas from Louisburg, Wis., my birthplace, once shared suggestions concerning retired priests’ personal needs. I visited Fr. Frank Dominic occasionally after he retired in Louisburg and Platteville. Being retired myself, I noticed unmet personal needs. I mentioned these needs to brother Knights of Columbus members. Some visited him.

How Christ-like when with mutual consent, parishes or parish groups adopt retired priests spiritually or in other limited ways. Some retired priests may not need this or already enjoy it. I’ve gratefully received such support and prayers, but perhaps more can be done locally and regionally!

With joyful Easter hope,

Fr. Don Lange, Platteville