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Abortion as ‘health care’ and conscience rights Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

Ted Cruz (Republican U.S. senator from Texas) was on the news this morning. So refreshing! He told it like it was — the Democrats and the White House manipulated the government shutdown just as they are responsible that the sequester went into effect. A delay of Obamacare was the only requirement to prevent the shutdown.

On C-SPAN, experts were asked the question: “Why do I need an ID to sign up for health care on the government website?” The answer in so many words was, “You need an ID for everything.”

Oops, how do you explain the lack of a need for voter ID?

How is legal abortion “women’s healthcare”? There has never been a piece of legislation requiring inspections of abortion clinics. Many abortions are done only because the baby is a girl. I’ve never heard of a government program to address the emotional trauma of having had an abortion.

The two cases to be addressed by the Supreme Court in March are about our right of conscience to be free to refuse to be involved in the promotion of legal abortion.

The Affordable Care Act does not separate the use of contraceptives from the use of abortifacients and access to abortion. It assumes that anyone using birth control or sterility methods is automatically for abortion methods. Therefore all taxpayers and businesses should be required to pay for all of these “women’s health” requirements through the government health care.

Ted Cruz and a very few others will not stray from their core principles. The ridicule of them is fodder for many a commentary, but people like him are defending our freedoms.

We passed a budget for the first time in years at the expense of the members of the military who fought for those freedoms in the first place. We endorsed the Affordable Care Act with all its consequences for the unborn child, and we allowed more increases in our taxes.

If you like Obama Land, you CAN keep it! Or you can support people like Ted Cruz the next chance you get to vote!

Jane Tarrell, Highland