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New Evangelization reaches out to inactive Catholics Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

We hear much about the New Evangelization. Here is why:

The Catholic Church is the largest Church in our country. The second largest denomination, although it isn’t an organized church, consists of former “fallen-away” Catholics. Ouch!

According to Transforming Parishes for the New Evangelization, only 48 percent of Catholics are absolutely certain they can have a personal relationship with God. Only 30 percent of people raised as Catholics consider themselves practicing Catholics.

Thirty-eight percent of Catholics rarely or never attend Mass. Thirteen percent of those who identify themselves as Catholics attend weekly Sunday Mass. Four times more Catholics leave the Church than enter the Church.

These statistics cause tears in countless Monicas who weep for their children, in some parents who sent their children to Catholic schools but are no longer Catholic, and in other suffering hearts.

Evangelization is our call to re-propose the faith to parish adults and to those who have left the Church and transform them into committed, lifelong disciples who have profound Christian outlooks and are fervent in faith and Christian living.

At our Priests’ Assembly, we focused upon the New Evangelization. Consequently we’ll surely hear about this in parishes. Let us listen religiously.

Fr. Don Lange, Madison