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Be voice of the voiceless; participate in 40 Days for Life Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Sep. 26, 2013 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

Do I/we hear the cry of the poor?  Who are the voiceless, the hopeless, the helpless people in our society?

As a family nurse practitioner, I have provided health care in a variety of ways, to the person dying with a terminally ill disease; to Krystal and Adam unable to feed themselves, or walk or talk; to a mom who died in bed with the doctor making an incision to lift her baby son from her womb into my arms. Your life stories could be added.

What do I currently plan to do with 40 days of my life?  I plan to participate in the local 40 Days for Life, from September 25 through November 3, by praying, by witnessing by the Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center. Why? Because some doctors provide abortions in this health care center.

In the pregnant mothers’ wombs are the  voiceless, the hopeless, the helpless preborn babies. They are my/your sisters and brothers, who  from fertilization to natural birth, have the human right to be born. They have no voice, save yours and mine.

Can you give an hour of your life so that a mother/father will choose a lifetime for her preborn baby?

Sr. Rosalia Bauer, fspa, RN, La Crosse