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Democrats’ control in state won’t result in ‘good policy’ Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Feb. 12, 2009 -- 1:00 AM

To the editor:

I disagree with John Huebscher’s opinion in Eye on the Capitol (“In state legislature, pragmatic approach is good politics” January 22 edition) which concludes that a Democrat-controlled legislature will result in good policy.

He states, “in all likelihood, major policy changes will reflect a moderate, pragmatic tone,” insisting, beyond common sense, that Democrat majorities in both legislative bodies have “signaled a preference for pragmatic, workable solutions to everyday problems. They have said little or nothing about controversial issues.

Of course, elected Democrats are silent on controversial issues. Their allies in the administrative branch execute as much permissive public policy as possible — as quietly as they can. No controversy, no problem.

Does Huebscher realize the most important branch of government for policy change is not the legislature? The administrative branch is by far the most powerful branch of government when it comes to policy changes.

There were no legislative actions to allow UW-Madison to start performing abortions or the Department of Public Instruction to instruct schools to prescribe contraceptives and abortion counseling to minors without parental consent.

What is the danger of both a Democrat governor and legislature? The permissive agenda of the Democrat legislative branch will be enacted by the Democrat administration with impunity, because a Democrat legislature will not introduce bills to oppose them, and the Republicans in the minority do not have the votes to get a bill through committee.

If the executive director of the Wisconsin Catholic Conference believes Democratic majorities are good for Catholic concerns, he has a naïve perception of politics and a very incomplete understanding of Christ’s instructions for us.

David Kuhle, Hazel Green