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Church needs to provide more education on life issues Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Feb. 12, 2009 -- 1:00 AM

To the editor:

Sincere thanks for your part in distributing vital FOCA information to your readers. I am concerned, however, that this information is too late. Shouldn’t this issue have been given a clear voice prior to recent weeks?

Why weren’t parishes aggressively educating on this point prior to the election? Obama made known his intent to sign this bill in July 2007 and has repeatedly supported infanticide in Illinois. Yet a majority of Catholic voters helped to elect him.

Many give no attention to these issues because they lack catechesis. Others rationalize their votes by claiming there are no qualified moral candidates on the ballot, ignoring the fact that this would have first required them to demand and support such candidates.

The Church cannot afford continued reluctance to catechize its members about issues of abortion, birth control, reproductive technologies, or stem-cell research. We cannot delay while American Catholics blindly invite the culture of death to rob their rights, way of living, and precious souls.

This fight is about life or death. What are we waiting for?

Marianne Gernetzke, Belleville

Editor’s note: The Catholic Herald carried a series on Faithful Citizenship and a number of articles by Bishop Robert C. Morlino, other bishops, and other writers on these life issues prior to the election. The Catholic Herald will continue to educate readers on these important issues.