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More attention should be paid to aborted babies Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

On December 16, A commentator on MSNBC revealed what he called a “shocking statistic”. “ONE million people in the U.S. were killed with guns since Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy” (1960s).

FIFTY million babies were killed in U.S. abortion clinics since Roe v. Wade (1973).

Businesses are mandated to fund and provide free abortion-inducing drugs now as a condition of the Affordable Care Act. Catholic companies and other religion-affiliated institutions are suing the federal government over the mandate. These people are facing a fine for each day that they fight for noncompliance with a practice that goes against their faith AND their own moral convictions.

Most of us simply don’t want to “make waves” about the issue. We all ignore separation of church and state when it’s convenient.

I can’t help comparing the senseless killing of young people in Connecticut with the abortion industry. Unfortunately, abortion gets no publicity. Teenagers getting abortions without parental involvement often spend years guarding their emotionally disturbing secret from the people closest to them.

Adopting a child is complicated. Many couples give up on their dream to have children without even starting the process.

I’ll be called an extremist for writing this letter. The extremist, in Connecticut, was the killer, not any of the people who defended and protected the victims. The victims were defenseless. They were in an advertised “gun-free” zone. The child in the womb is also defenseless and in that vulnerable “zone.”

Jane Tarrell, Highland