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Democratic Party sold out to support abortion rights Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

I have heard many justifications for voting for President Obama by Catholics. One person said they were voting for the one who would continue to give her freedom of choice and freedom to live as she chooses, the one who would secure her rights.

One Catholic leader made the argument that there may be less abortions if Obama were in office because with more funding for welfare some of the fiscally poor unwed mothers may be more apt to keep their baby rather than “murder it” (my words).

“Abortion is murder, no less than if you murder a human outside the womb!” These words still resonate in my head as though I heard Fr. Ray Meier say them yesterday in his sermons at St. Patrick Parish, Madison, in the 1990s.

Right or wrong, I empathize with and would possibly vote in favor of the Democrats, except I believe an honest Catholic cannot vote for today’s Democrat. The party sold out their soul to the devil when they decided to vote in favor of abortion rights, and anyone who would vote for a political leader who will condone the act of murder is as guilty as the person they are voting for.

What about the rights of every unborn baby? Every baby in the womb can be executed by their mother for any reason she sees fit under current law, a law President Obama is in favor of. We as Catholics need to recognize their rights even if the secular world won’t.

I am glad if the rates of abortion go down, but increasing welfare is not the way to do it. These same recipients of government programs already have the option of giving their baby up for adoption, which would be so much better than killing him or her. We need to make the act of murder illegal in civil law all the way across the board from the womb to the tomb.

We are stuck for the foreseeable future with a government that will try to undo all the positive work of the pro-life movement and that is disgraceful. What is more disgraceful is that so many Catholic voters put them there.  I also remember the words Jesus spoke, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”

Paul Schulz, Sr., Wisconsin Dells