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God has gifted us with many, varied types of music Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

While I do enjoy music created by creative dead white Europeans, I also find that God has gifted us with many new and varied types of music for our time.

Nico Fassino writes that the Mass is not for “us” and I must agree with him.

BUT! I also know that the Mass is our most intimate experience with the living and active Christ. In the Mass not only do we worship God, but we find Him with us          . . . speaking to us in the Gospel and homily, praying with and for us, teaching us, comforting us, forgiving us, feeding us, and blessing us.

The Church uses different languages: in the psalms, the Gospels written to different people at different times, modern translations, homilies, etc. The Church uses color, sound, scent, actions, art, the color of vestments, even the great variety of our priests.

People learn in different ways . . . with different abilities, languages, and intellects.

There is no reason that folk music, or rock ’n roll music, and others can’t also provide us with a means to praise, worship, and find our joy in God.

Rock on!


Peggy Rakow, Madison