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Church gives guidance on how to choose a candidate Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

For whom to vote????

As the level of negativity, untruths, and confusion escalates, it becomes harder and harder to choose the proper candidate for whom to vote. Some people lack a moral compass and others a moral authority to help them with their decision. We who are Catholic have the compelling moral authority of our Church to give us direction.

The guide on Faithful Citizenship was first drafted from the Catechism of the Catholic Church by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2000. Even though it is published every four years before our November elections, it is primarily meant to give us direction in forming our conscience on important issues.

The document is a good read and can be found on our Madison Diocese Web site ( This document states that as Catholics we must always oppose actions that are intrinsically evil. Their quote below lists those issues that rise to the level of being intrinsically evil.

“Human life is sacred. Direct attacks on innocent human beings are never morally acceptable. Within our society, life is under direct attack from abortion, euthanasia, human cloning, and destruction of human embryos for research. These intrinsic evils must always be opposed.”

So if a candidate supports any of the above-mentioned intrinsic evils, I cannot vote for, nor support that candidate in any way. It doesn’t mean that I must vote for the other candidate. In some elections, it may mean that I must refrain from voting.

I firmly believe that the Catholic Church is here to guide us and to protect us from any involvement with evil. It is in following Her teachings, that we are able to avoid complicity with evil.

Jeff Davis, Bloomington