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Thanks for outpouring of support for new hospital Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Apr. 05, 2012 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

On Sunday, March 18, approximately 6,000 area residents joined us in celebrating the opening of the new Monroe Clinic Hospital. It was an exciting day for our staff who also came out in full force to welcome the community and tour them through the new facility.

We are touched by the outpouring of support we have experienced through the grand opening events over the past week, and we want to take a moment to say thanks. We’d like to start by thanking the community for their personal interest and kind words during the open house and throughout the entire construction process.

We want to thank our business partners for their ongoing willingness to collaborate and offer insight that supports our vision of bringing the best in healthcare to the area.

Thank you SHOPKO and Monroe Police Department with parking and traffic assistance during the highly attended community open house.

Current and past members of the Monroe Clinic board of directors have dedicated hours of their own time to making this building a reality, firmly rooted in the foundation of our healing mission. Members of our advisory boards from communities across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin have volunteered their time as local representatives and area leaders to help ensure we keep our finger on their community’s pulse.

Hundreds of volunteers and donors have offered their time and resources so selflessly through the Monroe Clinic and Hospital Foundation to enhance our healing mission.

We want to thank Kahler Slater and CG Schmidt for designing and building a beautiful facility that considers the needs of patients, providers, and the environment.

None of this would be possible without the longstanding guidance and support of our sponsors, the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes. They first came to Monroe in 1939 to answer a call and begin a ministry that cares for the needs of all members of the community.

In closing, we want to offer special thanks to our patients and our staff. Monroe Clinic Hospital comes down to the special bond between patient and caregiver. From computer tech to cardiologist, caregivers come in all forms and varying skills. It is their passion for health care and our patients’ sacred trust that breathes life and purpose into these walls.

Thank you for all that you do,

Mike Sanders, Monroe Clinic president and CEO
Tracey Pederson, Monroe Clinic and Hospital Foundation executive director