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Congress and citizens facing critical life issues in 2009 Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Jan. 08, 2009 -- 1:00 AM

To the editor:

After January 20, 2009, the U.S. Congress and U.S. citizens will be facing critical issues as follows:

1. American support for China’s coerced abortion policy.

2. Funding for international family planning programs that include abortion.

3. Eliminations of any restrictions on federally funded embryonic stem cell research

4. The performance of abortion at military hospitals.

5. Tax-funded abortions in our own country.

6. The elimination of informed consent state statues providing women with the facts about the development of their unborn child as well as the physical and psychological risks of abortion.

7. The elimination of parental notification and consent statutes upholding the rights of parents to advise and counsel their minor pregnant daughters before an abortion.

8. The elimination of conscience rights for doctors and nurses who do not wish to participate in an abortion.

9. The elimination of conscience rights for health care institutions, coercing Catholic hospitals to participate in abortions.

Will U.S. Catholic senators and U.S. Catholic representatives block these Culture of Death decisions when they are brought to the floor?

Charles J. Sippel, Waterloo