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Suggests writer should consult catechism rather than party talking points Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Mar. 08, 2012 -- 1:00 AM

To the editor:

John Murphy’s letter (February 9 issue of Catholic Herald) claims that Newt Gingrich, in calling President Obama the “food stamp President,” meant to demean African-Americans.

Mr. Murphy should be advised that ascribing racist motives to someone without any supporting evidence is calumny and therefore, sinful. Whatever one may think of Mr. Gingrich, his basic point that food stamps and dependency have increased exponentially under this president is factually correct.

Worse still, Mr. Murphy goes on to say that President Obama is doing the “Christian thing”! Whether massively expanding the Welfare State and perpetuating government dependency is the “Christian thing” is certainly debatable.

What is not debatable is Mr. Murphy’s unfortunate timing, given that this president just made an unprecedented attack on religious liberty and freedom of conscience with his contraception “mandate” and the following phony compromise.

Perhaps Mr. Murphy should consult his catechism rather than Democratic Party talking points before expounding on what is the “Christian thing.”

C. J. Kruchten, Verona