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Appreciates information on administration’s mandate attacking religious freedom Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Feb. 09, 2012 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

Thank you for taking the lead in bringing awareness to our Catholic laity regarding the recent Obama abomination in his mandate regarding a ruling that all Catholic entities would be mandated to provide contraceptive and sterilization services that are in direct opposition to the beliefs of our Catholic faith.

What an unbelievable attack on religious freedom as provided for in our Constitution. Our fore fathers are turning over in their graves at this attack.

It’s time for our Catholic electorate to wake up and realize that this president and his administration are on a direct path contrary to religious freedom. Keep the articles coming. And I hope that Bishop Morlino will hold our priests’ feet to the fire in urging the Catholics of the diocese to vote their FAITH.

Paul Stauffacher, Cross Plains