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Public broadcasting does not deserve public support Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Apr. 21, 2011 -- 12:00 AM

To Mark Pattison:

I am writing in response to your column in the March 31 issue of the Catholic Herald about the defunding of public broadcasting.

I am very surprised and shocked at your overwhelming support! Do you not see the very liberal-mindedness of the PBS programming? Multiple shows constantly reaffirm the lie that evolution is a fact and not just an unproven theology.

Also, what about shows like In the Life that constantly affirm homosexuality?

What are you doing writing for the Catholic Herald if your beliefs do not reflect the beliefs of the Church?

NPR radio constantly condemns any and all Christian beliefs that homosexuality is wrong. Not only that, but they vilify the Church for its stand on this and other liberal views as abortion being okay.

Yes, PBS television may have some worthwhile shows, but to continue taxpayer support is wrong.

Your thinking is accepting the bad with the good and this is wrong.

I will be expecting a column retracting your support. Hopefully this letter and the Holy Spirit’s urging will help you to see public broadcasting for the great hidden evil that it is.

Ryan Lipska, Dodgeville