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There is still time to protest Freedom of Choice Act Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008 -- 1:00 AM

To the editor:

I read the article by Bishop Jerome E. Listecki in the November 6, 2008, edition of the Catholic Herald. In particular his comments on the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) were a call to action. Please review his article to grasp the nefarious nature of this act.

There is still time to protest the FOCA. I am asking all who oppose abortion to do the following as soon as possible.

(1) The 111th Congress will be meeting soon and this act is on the agenda as Senate bill #1173 and House bill #1964. Please call or e-mail your representative and two senators stating your opposition to this bill.

(2) Since the president-elect may use executive powers as soon as he is in office without waiting for congressional action, it is imperative to e-mail the president-elect voicing your opposition to FOCA now. Simply go to the Web site and scroll down the page to American Moments-Share Your Vision. Click and the contact page to reach the president-elect will appear. I stated in my e-mail that my “vision” is he would continue to allow existing state laws regarding abortion and NOT sign the FOCA. At least by this e-mailing we are reaching him before Inauguration Day.

(3) Go online to and sign a national petition.

(4) Finally, consider joining a local pro-life group. If you have already moved out of your comfort zone and are ACTING on behalf of a pro-life group, God Bless You. Think of this: if we cannot rectify the for-abortion laws in this country from the “top-down,” let’s do it from the “bottom up.”

Pray, pray, pray especially before Our Eucharistic Lord for victory through Our Blessed Mother.

I am asking that you share this information with friends and relatives, especially those out of the state of Wisconsin.

Diane Judson, Monona