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Hardline politics doesn’t work, may affect charities Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Mar. 24, 2011 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:
I can understand Bishop Morlino’s neutral position on the issues now facing the state of Wisconsin, but there are many repercussions should the governor’s budget bill pass.

Mr. McCluskey (Catholic Herald Mailbag, March 10) touched briefly on a decline in healthcare. To add to that, nurses and other hospital staff can be forced to work double shifts even though they have family at home to attend to or if they have plane reservations for the same time-frame.

My daughter faced this situation at UW Hospital. If she hadn’t been protected by the union, she would have been out the money for her plane ticket and if she refused to work another shift, she would have faced the possible loss of her job.

What is more, nurses often put in an exhausting eight-hour shift. Adding another eight-hour shift to that is putting patients at risk. If a nurse, because of lack of sleep, administers the wrong medicine, where is her/his job protection? This should concern every citizen in our state.

Moreover, because of the governor’s hardline policy and proposed cutbacks I, too, must take a hard line and consider cutbacks. I have to support my children and grandchildren who stand to be affected by his budget bill if it is passed.

My cutbacks will be directed at charities. I have begun sending letters to those charities that I have previously supported letting them know that any contributions from now on will hinge on the outcome of Governor Walker’s bill. I hate to see charities suffer at the hands of a one-sided government. It may even mean that the ACA will suffer the consequences as well.

Beatrice Peyer, Palmyra