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Workers’ voice is at stake, could destroy patient care Print
Letters to the editor
Tuesday, Mar. 01, 2011 -- 3:55 PM

To the editor:

“To convert somebody go and take them by the hand and guide them,” said St. Thomas Aquinas.

Please share this story with those that need converting.

Ultimately, what is at stake here in Wisconsin is the workers’ voice. While I was serving in the active duty military, my wife worked as a certified nursing assistant in nursing homes in Arizona and Florida — two “Right to Work States.”

In Arizona she was required to take care of 32 bed-ridden people and 27 in Florida. For those that can’t fathom the magnitude of this task, try taking care of twin infants and multiply by 15 sets. In both cases, the facilities stank of urine and excrement and some of the patients had bad bedsores.

She wasn’t able to complain to management about the conditions, because there was no avenue to complain without the risk of being fired. She left these working conditions behind, but the people who were spending their final days on earth, did not have the opportunity to change facilities.

The Republicans want to stifle the workers’ voice in the workplace,and will ultimately destroy quality patient care in the state of Wisconsin.

Rory McCluskey, Hillpoint