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Tell elected representatives to protect unborn citizens Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011 -- 1:00 AM

To the editor:

Overnight, it seems, in 1973, abortion became legal. We have looked the other way ever since, convincing ourselves there is nothing one person can do to end it now.

We scream to end destruction of lives in Iraq and in Afghanistan. We ended the war in Vietnam because we protested until someone in Washington listened.

We could end legal abortion without weapons, without leaving our country, without even leaving our homes.

Why do we not insist that the war against the unborn be stopped? The insidious abortion industry is unfunded, costing tax dollars and lives just like the wars above!

Wisconsin legislators at this time may be persuaded to act. They need the constant correspondence federal lawmakers received when the healthcare legislation passed. They work for us. They receive huge salaries compared to the majority of the private sector.

Flood the offices of all your senators and representatives with correspondence insisting that the unborn citizen be protected. Demand that use of tax dollars be stopped for abortions and right of conscience be respected. Hospitals must not be mandated to perform abortions.

With the Internet, the telephone, your pen and paper, bombard those officials until you get results or until they refuse to listen. Then you’ll know they need to be replaced in the next election.

Jane Tarrell, Highland