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Empty playgrounds reminder of children lost by abortion Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011 -- 1:00 AM

To the editor:

Picture driving past a school playground during recess or lunch; you are observing the joyful children romping and playing freely!  We could take this all for granted and in stride, never realizing that the vacant spots on the playground could have been filled by children who were brutally killed by a planned ABORTION!

This procedure, approved by our Supreme Court in 1973 involving the case of Roe vs. Wade, has unfortunately been legalized for the past 38 years.

Fast forward to the year 2049, 38 years from now and contemplate how school playgrounds, if they still exist, might look.  Based upon the current statistic of 4,000 human pre-born babies killed daily in the United States, one would arrive at a staggering number.

As promoters of a pro-life culture, what can we as ordinary citizens do on behalf of unprotected unborn babies? Consider these possibilities to eliminate abortion, resulting in playgrounds filled with joyful children:

• Pray for greater respect for every human life.

• Speak respectfully to all persons regardless of differences.

• Become educated about 100 percent pro-life organizations such as Pro-Life  Wisconsin, American Life League, and the Pro-Life Action League.

• Become involved in our local Rock County Chapter of Pro-Life Wisconsin.

Challenge:  Make a conscious effort to ensure that all human life is valued.  What will you do to ensure that many joyful children will fill empty playgrounds?

Sr. Rosalia Bauer and Mr. Clare J. Landry, Beloit