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Tony Magliano confuses some Church teaching with progressive opinions Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010 -- 1:00 AM

To the editor:

Tony Magliano has a habit of confusing Church teaching with his progressive opinions. His most recent November 4 column begins post election recalling the “quite difficult” decision in voting for the “most ethical candidates.” It was not difficult; most were clearly either pro-life or pro-choice, the first qualifying factor according to our pope and bishops.

Next, he goes on to list some good clear goals of our church in society such as “protecting the unborn,” “reforming unjust immigration laws,” “defending the environment,” etc. However, he also mixes in, for example, “reversing global warming” on which many reputable scientists disagree; and “providing universal health insurance,” which is a controversial method and not the Church’s stated goal of assuring universal access to health care.

Mr. Magliano states: “The Catholic Church calls government to expand its role to the point where each person’s basic human rights are ensured.” However, the Church never calls specifically for “expansion” of government. Rather, the Church calls on the government to be in accordance with such protections, which might be expansive or even contractive.

There’s much more, but space limits. We agree on following the Church. What that means specifically is misleading in Mr. Magliano’s column.

Michael Robiolio, Darlington