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Jesus is with us in the Catholic Church Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Nov. 04, 2010 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

The author of the “Word to Life” column (Catholic Herald, October 28, 2010 issue) about the young man wishing to speak face to face with the pope missed a terrific opportunity to share with him the good news of the teaching magisterium of the Catholic Church.

To say that “Jesus is infinitely available unlike the pope” is to miss the truth that Jesus stated, “I am always with you” . . . IN his Church.

Likely the young man could have met with a parish priest and obtained the SAME information on the faith that the pope would have given him.

Failing that, the local bishop certainly could provide such information.

Unlike protestant churches that rely on the ideas/teaching/decisions of a single founder (many having very different ideas), the Catholic Church is one in teaching.

Peggy Rakow, Madison