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Apply faith to voting Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

It is necessary that we vote according to our properly formed consciences as Catholic Christians. We have to stand up for what we believe and cannot check our Catholic faith outside the voting booth.

The right to life of every human person from conception to natural death is the primary and thus the most essential of all human rights. We should remember that the poorest of the poor is the human person in the womb that is menaced with abortion.

We should not accept the false notion of justice that would diminish or deny the institution of natural marriage. Marriage is a union of one man and one woman, a union that was intended for pro-creation. Marriage is a sacred good that the government needs to recognize, encourage, and protect.

We have a grave moral responsibility to exercise our vote in accordance with the constant teachings of the Church.

It is our duty as Christians to soberly access each issue and candidate and to apply the teachings of our faith to the decisions at hand and vote accordingly.

Jim Holden, Watertown