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All Catholics must follow basic tenets of the Church Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Nov. 06, 2008 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

This is in response to the “letter of protest” recently published in the Wisconsin State Journal. This letter was written by priests, religious, and laity who openly challenged the judgment and authority of Bishop Morlino.

The Roman Catholic Church is not a democracy where everyone has a vote and opinion. The Roman Catholic Church, founded by and based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, created the papacy through St. Peter. Which shows us that Jesus Himself found it necessary to establish leadership in the Church that He started.

We may question, but must always remember, that God the Father has a plan and ultimately He is always in control. Despite our actions, God’s will will not be thwarted. Unless we follow the basic tenets of the Church, we are not fully Catholic.

To question the Church’s moral teaching regarding same-sex marriages is unbelievable! I have even heard of a blessing being given to the union of an unmarried couple living together for 10 years.

How far have we fallen? What type of example are these scandalous actions giving to young people who might be considering a religious vocation? Is it any wonder there is a shortage of priests? We are so caught up in the world that we no longer see God, or recognize the evil and sin that envelopes us.

The Church is no stranger to assaults. Now more than ever we are being attacked by all sides. Most disturbing are the destructive forces of the coalition attacking the Church from within.

It is shocking to think that some of these covert members have taken vows of obedience to their Bishop. Clearly, your vows are meaningless. As the Angel Lucifer in his arrogance rose up and defied God, that same arrogance appears to be present here.

These vows should not be taken lightly. As spiritual leaders, you are directly responsible for the souls of many people, as well as your own. All who are a part of this coalition need to re-think their role within the Roman Catholic Church. Asking whether it is really God’s will they are representing or if not God’s, than who is left?

St. Paul states (Rom 5:19), “By one man’s disobedience many were made sinners.” We would like to think our priests and religious are good and holy people, people we could trust and follow by their word and example. While many are, sadly it is not always the case.

Our family and I know many others would like to offer their prayers and support to Bishop Morlino at this time.

Pauline Wergin, South Beloit, Ill.