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Bishops should dialogue with people they serve Print
Letters to the editor
Wednesday, Nov. 05, 2008 -- 2:45 PM

To the editor:

A mid-October poll by the Pew Research Center shows that, nationally, 55 percent of Catholics are supporting Obama compared to 35 percent for John McCain. One would guess that the proportion in Madison is the same or even somewhat higher, given the moderate to progressive politics of most Catholics in the diocese.

While this figure is likely to mystify, if not infuriate, some bishops, including our own, many such Catholics base our choice squarely on the social teachings of the Church, rooted in the Gospel message of Jesus. Clearly there is a serious disconnect between some in the hierarchy and much of the faithful.

I would suggest that, instead of the usual scoldings (and dueling newspapers ads), the bishops begin a serious dialogue with the people they serve. There may be something to be learned on both sides.

Wayne Sigelko, Madison